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Grass-roots work can stop spread of meth in our neighborhoods (Salem Statesman Journal)
Fighting meth can be as complicated as stopping illegal shipments of pseudoephedrine to drug cartels. It can be as simple as reminding the grocery clerk to check your signature instead of just swiping your card through the machine.
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Employers hiring marketers have their choice of specialty job boards to help spread the word about employment opportunities. A wide range of marketing posts from entry to senior level can be found at
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Local police reports (March 12) (Akron Beacon Journal)
Lloyd Carter, 31, of Summit Lake Boulevard was charged March 2 with domestic violence. Carter threatened to kill his mother and everyone else in her Peerless Avenue home, police said.
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Free handbook offers useful consumer information (Chicago Tribune)
Being a savvy consumer is fundamental to spending money wisely. But we’re not born with that savvy. It’s a learning process.
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Consumer handbook a fount of free advice (Chicago Tribune)
Federal publication also offers contacts Being a savvy consumer is fundamental to spending money wisely. But we’re not born with that savvy. It’s a learning process.
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Credit-Reporting Agency Gives Woman Wrong Person’s Credit History (WCVB via Yahoo! News)
You try to keep your personal information, all those numbers and passwords, private, but you’re at risk in a way you’d never know.
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Home Sweet Cash Cow / How our houses are financing our lives (San Francisco Chronicle)
The phone rings as I’m making dinner. Could be my contractor, who wants another fat check written from my equity-line checkbook. Could be the mortgage broker getting back to me about new refinancing. “Hello,” says a syrupy recorded voice. “Our records show…
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You can take it to the bank (Indianapolis Business Journal)
On Feb. 24, IBJ Publisher Chris Katterjohn, Managing Editor Greg Andrews and banking reporter Matt Kish sat down with four leaders from Indianapolis’ banking and finance sector: Judith Ripley, director of the Indiana Department of Financial Institutions; Kit Stolen, CEO of Union Federal Bank of Indianapolis; Steve Beck, president and CEO of the Indiana Venture Center; and Keith Slifer, senior
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Visit our website (Orangeville Citizen)
WELLNESS/NUTRITION. Tired of feeling tired? Find out how to have more energy! Feel good, look great, live well everyday. Contact me – Mer-na Frank (519) 925-6945. E-mail – [email protected] Website: HOME RENOVATIONS, IMPROVE-MENTS & Repairs.
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Richards, Trummell – a verbatim account (Pahrump Valley Times)
We have all watched crime dramas unfold on television or at the movies hundreds of times. Special agents wearing FBI jackets swarm out of big, black SUVs and surround their suspect’s residence or place of business. One agent kicks in the front door while others watch the back entrance.
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