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On High Credit Alert (The Motley Fool via Yahoo! News)
Most people go on High Credit Report Alert before a big financial event such as buying a house, applying for a home equity loan, leasing a car, or getting a new credit card. For the rest of us, an occasional look into the official credit record has always been sufficient.
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Credit reports can turn up secrets (The Natchez Democrat)
NATCHEZ — S.E. “Spanky” Felter isn’t dead — but try telling that to the financial world. When attempting to co-sign a loan for a relative recently, Felter found out that due to a computing error, at least one of the nation’s major credit reporting agencies had him listed as being dead — since 2002.
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These Easy Steps Can Help Improve Your Credit (Ridgecrest Daily Independent)
(ARA) – Credit cards are a great convenience. They eliminate the need to carry large amounts of money, you can track your spending through your monthly statements and they save the day when you’re faced with unexpected expenditures such as car repairs or medical bills.
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On High Credit Alert (Motley Fool via Yahoo! Finance)
Fear of ID theft isn’t the only reason to check your credit report.
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Key worker was locked out of loan fee rebate (The Observer)
As a nurse, I was granted a key worker mortgage with Abbey through a financial adviser. He told me to pay the fees up front. The purchase fell through when the vendor changed his mind and I lost all the money I had paid, including £399 for arranging the mortgage.
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RELATIVE RELIEF (San Jose Mercury News)
Kids borrow money from parents all the time — for a prom dress, a GameBoy, a car. But what about borrowing enough for a house in the Bay Area?
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Bankrupt? Pay your full car-loan debt anyway ( via Yahoo! Finance)
Bankruptcy filers used to be able to refinance their car loans at market value, shedding debt. No more.
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Bankrupt? Pay your full car-loan debt anyway (
The law used to allow some people who filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy to escape a portion of their auto loan debt, keep their vehicles and pay a lower monthly payment. The practice was called a “cram-down” in auto-lending parlance, and lenders didn’t like it at all.
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Financing a new or used car (Tiger Weekly)
If you’ve got the new car itch, try to keep your panties on before you rush out and sign your name twenty-three times on a long-winded piece of parchment that may or may not lead to your financial ruin. There are better ways to get the funds to pay for your new ride, preferably before you buy it.
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Payday loans gaining popularity (The News Journal)
A few weeks ago, Larry Woody needed $200 fast and turned to an increasingly popular source: a payday lender.
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The No-Nonsense Credit Manual: How to Repair Your Credit Profile, Manage Personal Debts and Get the Right Home Loan or Car Lease
by: Shaun Aghili
publisher: I. L. S. Publishing, released: February, 1998
price: $13.57 (new), $3.75 (used)