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Senate Approves Car Title Loan Restrictions (KCCI 8 Iowa)
The Iowa Senate Wednesday has overwhelmingly approved new restrictions on interests rates that can be charged on loans secured by car titles.
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These Easy Steps Can Help Improve Your Credit (Union Leader)
(ARA) – Credit cards are a great convenience. They eliminate the need to carry large amounts of money, you can track your spending through your monthly statements and they save the day when you’re faced with unexpected expenditures such as car repairs or medical bills.
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Get a meal, fill a prescription, get some cash. These days, store shelves are in easy reach of driver’s seat (Akron Beacon Journal)
Wintertime, and the living ain’t easy. Good thing we can buy everything we need without ever leaving the car. OK, maybe not everything. But you might not realize how strongly the drive-up, drive-in, drive-through mentality has taken hold.
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Focus is on costly credit (The Star)
The days of costly credit will hopefully come to an end for consumers who have been paying an average of 30% a month to borrow money from loan sharks. Last week, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) published the much-anticipated regulations to the National Credit Bill for public comment.
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How long can households sustain negative savings? (USA Today)
Never have so many spent so much and saved so little. The nation’s dismal savings rate is the focus of a sharp debate: This can’t go on forever, some economists say.
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New car buyers urged to drive a hard bargain (Reuters.co.uk)
LONDON (Reuters) – The glossy magazines have been scrutinised and the trim options drooled over, but before taking the final plunge new car buyers should think hard about where and how they make their purchases.
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Upcoming Events (Hot Springs Village Voice)
HOMES FOR SALE FSBO BALBOA GOLF COURSE 3,723 SQFT 3BR/2½BA, formal dining room, oversized 3 car garage. 40 Lindura, Call 922-6108 3/8
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NBC: Mardi Gras no party for many (MSNBC)
For those living in the most damaged areas of  New Orleans, Mardi Gras came and went, and nothing has changed. NBC News’ Maria Eugenia Alcon reports.
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Track travel to claim car expenses at tax time (Medical Post Online)
Almost every physician deducts automobile expenses for tax purposes, but very few keep a mileage log to support the amount claimed on the tax return.
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Berkeley This Week (Berkeley Daily Planet)
Birdwalk on the MLK Shoreline from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. to see the ducks here for the winter. Beginnners welcome, binoculars available for loan. 525-2233.
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