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Loan shoppers can try a half-dozen options (Contra Costa Times)
You need money for home improvements, a car, an investment opportunity or to pay off those high-interest credit cards. You may be surprised at how many different ways there are to use your existing assets to get a good loan.
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In car junkyards, scrap haulers find good profits (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
One recent wintry day, Dave Rozek prowled auction lots and city pounds on Chicago’s South Side looking for big game: Cougars, Mustangs, Sables and Bobcats.
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Bank rates (Detroit Free Press)
Major Michigan financial institutions were surveyed last week to determine the interest rates they charge for loans, and APYs they pay for savings deposits. Rates were quoted as of Friday. APYs on deposit accounts are based on the minimum amount to open the account. CD yields are fixed-interest rate offers only. New car loan rates apply to a $20,000 loan for 5 years. Home equity line and loan
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7 Perks of Plastic (The Motley Fool via Yahoo! News)
Despite the lending industry’s less-than-centered ways, credit cards can be a tool for good in the hands of a savvy consumer.
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7 Perks of Plastic (Motley Fool via Yahoo! Finance)
Convenience isn’t the only benefit you get from carrying a credit card.
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RELATIVE RELIEF (San Jose Mercury News)
Kids borrow money from parents all the time — for a prom dress, a GameBoy, a car. But what about borrowing enough for a house in the Bay Area?
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7 Perks of Plastic (The Motley Fool)
Despite the lending industry’s less-than-centered ways , credit cards can be a tool for good in the hands of a savvy consumer. Their popularity is clear: More than 80% of U.S. households have at least one credit card. And we certainly give our cards a workout.
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Companies target your tax refund (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
A variety of companies are trying to get their hands on your tax refund before you do, and state law-enforcement officials are cracking down on some of the practices.
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Jack Sirard: Sobering advice on how to spend that tax refund (The Sacramento Bee)
The average taxpayer in California this year will be pocketing a cool $3,000 – in tax refunds.
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Why you’re taxed twice (The Daily Telegraph)
NSW is the only state refusing to scrap stamp duty on mortgages after Western Australia yesterday pledged to phase out the tax.
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