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Bankrupt? Pay your full car-loan debt anyway (
The law used to allow some people who filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy to escape a portion of their auto loan debt, keep their vehicles and pay a lower monthly payment. The practice was called a “cram-down” in auto-lending parlance, and lenders didn’t like it at all.
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Bankrupt? Pay your full car-loan debt anyway ( via Yahoo! Finance)
Bankruptcy filers used to be able to refinance their car loans at market value, shedding debt. No more.
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How much home can you really afford? (Wise County Messenger)
A key step to finding a home is figuring out how much you can spend, and some people think that decision starts and ends with the down payment and the monthly mortgage payment. But these are just two factors to consider when deciding if you can afford a home.
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If you stop payments, the car won’t start (Chicago Tribune)
Auto dealers are going high-tech to make sure high-risk buyers don’t default on their loans When Delilah Grant of Chicago’s West Side went shopping for a car, she knew her recent bankruptcy would make dealers wary of lending her money.
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Rover loan a waste, says watchdog (Daily Telegraph)
A multi-million pound attempt to help rescue car maker MG Rover in the days before its collapse last April was a waste of public money, the National Audit Office has said.
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Offer letters from UC detail top hires’ perks / Enhanced benefits promised to recruits (San Francisco Chronicle)
When the University of California recruited UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau two years ago, he was promised at least 1 1/2 years in paid leave when he steps down — with the opportunity to earn more. UC also agreed to sweeten his health care benefits…
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MG ROVER: Report says £6.5m gov’t loan was a waste (AutoWired)
THE MULTI-million pound attempt by the New Labour government in April 2005 to rescue MG Rover, was a waste of public money.The National Audit Office said last night that the government had not ‘obtained sufficiently good value’ for the £6.5m loan to the company after it went into administration.Patricia Hewitt, who was trade and industry secretary at the time, agreed the loan on April 10 in an
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Free handbook offers useful consumer information (Chicago Tribune)
Being a savvy consumer is fundamental to spending money wisely. But we’re not born with that savvy. It’s a learning process.
More . . . (AdWeek)
Employers hiring marketers have their choice of specialty job boards to help spread the word about employment opportunities. A wide range of marketing posts from entry to senior level can be found at
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Consumer handbook a fount of free advice (Chicago Tribune)
Federal publication also offers contacts Being a savvy consumer is fundamental to spending money wisely. But we’re not born with that savvy. It’s a learning process.
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Terms of loan hold key to buying new vehicle: pre-approved financing lets buyers know interest rates, payment amounts in advance. : An article from: Business Record (Des Moines)
publisher: Business Publication Corp., released: 21 July, 2005
price: $5.95 (new)