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Producer continues to believe in sorghum’s benefits (High Plains Journal)
Farming in western Kansas will never be easy. Whether it’s the declining aquifer levels, the lack of precipitation, or the ever constant wind, it can be downright miraculous if a crop grows at all.
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UK Threatens To Pull Out Of JSF Deal (The Aero-News Network)
Lord Drayson Is A Shrewd Negotiator How many times have you walked away from a new car deal because you just couldn’t get the options you wanted? That may be the case with Great Britain’s defense procurement minister, Lord Drayson, on Britain’s deal to buy the upcoming F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.
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What It Takes to Build a (21st Century) Railroad (Fortune via Yahoo! Finance)
Look down from the cabin of Kevin Schieffer’s twin-engine King Air 5,000 feet over Wyoming’s Powder River Basin, and it’s easy to see why he and his investors want to build the first major new railroad in almost 100 years.
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Change Text Size (Mount Vernon News)
MOUNT VERNON — There are Christmas presents and then there are Christmas presents.
More . . . (AdWeek)
Employers hiring marketers have their choice of specialty job boards to help spread the word about employment opportunities. A wide range of marketing posts from entry to senior level can be found at
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Killing of car dealer leaves police with many loose threads (Kansas City Star)
In the days before Shawnee businessman Sameer Said died, he believed he was being followed. Police have learned that he avoided his car dealership in Raytown, opting to spend more time at his auto finance business in Shawnee.
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NASCAR Hall of Fame: 20 Questions (Speed TV)
Written by: Tom Jensen Harrisburg, N.C. – 3/6/2006 Here are 20 questions and answers about the new NASCAR Hall of Fame based on information provided by NASCAR and the City of Charlotte, N.C., and unearthed by sources close to the project.
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Down payment obstacle can be surmounted (Kansas City Star)
In some ways, buying your first house is like getting married. “It’s a commitment,” said Christina Pfaff, 29, of Platte City. “In an apartment, when something breaks you can call the landlord.”
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Cover Story (The Prairie Advocate)
SAVANNA The Illinois Senate approved a bill March 2 that would limit the power of local governments to take a person’s property. A day earlier, members of a redevelopment authority argued that the state is taking the people’s land by denying them the use intended by the federal government.
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Cut transportation funding gridlock (The Prairie Advocate)
Good roads cost money. Bad roads cost more. That’s the conclusion of the Transportation for Illinois Coalition’s white paper assessing current financing and the needs of the Illinois highway system.
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