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Comment: When Direct Debits Turn Bad (The Motley Fool)
Normally, paying by Direct Debit is a good thing, because you it allows you to benefit from prompt-payment discounts worth around £200 a year. However, according to a new survey, paying for home and car insurance by Direct Debit adds an extra £2.7 billion to our annual bills.
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Don’t talk about loans with dealer till auto deal nearly done (Boston Herald)
Most people, when buying a new car or truck, need to acquire financing. Here’s some tips that will help you toward that end. First, improve your leverage when negotiating the price and the financing…
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See planes, how a boxer trains, and really cool automobiles (The Cincinnati Enquirer)
Spring break can be a fine time for families to visit some of the region’s best museums. You may not get a tan or play in the surf, but you’ll probably save some money for that bigger summer trip, and the kids may even learn something. Here’s a roundup of the top museums in attendance in Ohio and Kentucky:
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When Direct Debits Turn Bad (The Motley Fool UK via Yahoo! UK & Ireland Finance)
Often, it’s a good idea to spread the cost of a large purchase over time. However, these expensive Direct Debits are costing us almost £3 billion a year!
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Who’s got your number? (The Charlotte Observer)
If you’re an 800 now, you’re golden. Want to buy a house? Your lender will let you borrow what you need — and probably more — at the lowest rates offered to homebuyers.
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Indian spices Food festival in Athens from Mar 21 (Kaumundi Online)
: With Indian spices finding favour in Greek cuisine, the Spices Board is organising a 10-day ‘Indian Spices Food festival’ in Athens from March 21, hoping to increase the share of Indian exports to that country.
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Pulling out from Iraq now, will be disastrous: Rumsfeld (Kaumundi Online)
WASHINGTON: Amid a wave of protests marking the third anniversary of US-led invasion of Iraq, Defence Secretary Donald H Rumsfeld has warned against pulling out American forces from there, saying it will be like leaving postwar Germany back to the Nazis.
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NZ should get worried when the Blues fail to fire up (Stuff)
When Wayne Smith became All Black coach in 2000 he often talked about unity.
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Family savings look scary across the board (The Myrtle Beach Sun News)
Meet the typical American family. It has about $3,800 in the bank. No one has a retirement account, and the neighbors who do only have about $35,000 in theirs. Mutual funds? Stocks? Bonds? Nope. The house is worth $160,000, but the family owes $95,000 on it to the bank. The breadwinners make more than $43,000 a year but can’t manage to pay off a $2,200 credit card balance.
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Financing a new or used car (Tiger Weekly)
If you’ve got the new car itch, try to keep your panties on before you rush out and sign your name twenty-three times on a long-winded piece of parchment that may or may not lead to your financial ruin. There are better ways to get the funds to pay for your new ride, preferably before you buy it.
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