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Payday loans gaining popularity (The News Journal)
A few weeks ago, Larry Woody needed $200 fast and turned to an increasingly popular source: a payday lender.
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Binary Economics: Paradigm Shift Or Cluster of Errors? (Ludwig von Mises Institute)
Binary economics is a theory of economic growth that places emphasis upon the distribution of capital, rather than the quantity of capital or the productivity of labor.
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Headlines for Mar. 10, 2006 (Drummer)
During the Buffalo City Council meeting this week, Pat Miller, representing the American Legion, Les Huikko, who donates to Community Charities, and Jo Hatchet, representing the Buffalo Lions, all addressed their concerns about the city’s proposed gambling ordinance.
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It’s Your Money Slow down on getting tax refund loans (News Democrat & Leader)
Slow down, you move too fast – you’ve got to make the morning last. If you change the word morning to money in the opening line to Simon and Garfunkel’s “The 59th Street Bridge Song,” you will unlock one of the keys to getting the most from your tax refund.
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Jefferson Awards: 121 people who make a difference (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
They are as varied as the good work they do, but all are devoted to serving our community. They are the 121 people nominated this year for the Jefferson Awards in Washington state.
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What It Takes to Build a (21st Century) Railroad (Fortune via Yahoo! Finance)
Look down from the cabin of Kevin Schieffer’s twin-engine King Air 5,000 feet over Wyoming’s Powder River Basin, and it’s easy to see why he and his investors want to build the first major new railroad in almost 100 years.
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Personal finance chat transcript (The Cincinnati Enquirer)
A transcript of today’s personal finance chat.
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Business in Brief (Saint George Spectrum)
ST. GEORGE – Douglas Bringhurst, president of The Village Bank, has announced the addition of the bank’s newest office in Washington City. The 4,000-square-foot building will be located at the entrance of the new Kohl’s store at approximately 600 W. Telegraph Street in the Cotton Mill Commercial Center.
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Fans will offer ‘Idol’ thoughts (Star-Gazette)
Dawn V. Adams of Corning is a huge fan of “American Idol.” You can take that one to the bank: Elmira Savings & Loan, in fact, where she is a mortgage officer.
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Morris lender expands client base, finances for companies (Daily Record)
PARSIPPANY — Even as he nears the end of his accidental financial career, recently fending off rumors that he had already retired as chief executive, Harry Baram has chosen to launch a major transformation of the 102 Federal Credit Union rather than play out the string.
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